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2016 Scholarship Recipients

University of Alaska Anchorage


Shelley Giraldo | Joseph Sandstrom | Ty Wardell

University of Alaska Fairbanks


  Carrie Sorensen  |  Anthony P. Mullin

       Boise State University


                         Lenny Riccio

    Montana State University


      Allen Ziesman  |  Kerry Pedersen

Oregon Institute of Technology


         Jordan Preston  |  Kevin Baker

     Oregon State University


           Amy Wyman  |  Eric North

    Portland State University


    Jael Wettach-Glosser  |  Mary Wiser

          University of Idaho


  Shane G. Warmbrodt | Courtney Sell

       University of Portland


      Jacob Whitfield | Antonia Molina

   University of Washington


      Emily Walton  |  Jillian Backman

 Washington State University


     Zachary Horton  |  Linsey Sturgil

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