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Bluemac x7 Bluetooth Traffic Sensor

The Bluemac x7 captures more reads and matches for rich Travel Time and Origin-Destination data using the latest technology with cutting edge computing. It employs state-of-the art privacy protection to customer-owned, white box open data, and implements strong security protecting device and data access to only authorized parties and systems. The seventh generation x7 is flexible offering multiple configuration and customization options to meet varied customer needs and harsh deployment environments yet delivers the best total cost of ownership.


  • Three base configurations – solar powered self-contained, external installation, or mounted in-cabinet
  • Ethernet is standard, with Wi-Fi an available backhaul option along with 4G LTE NB-IoT or Cat-M1 cellular
  • Mains (both AC and DC), battery, or PoE for power sources
  • Mix and match the different device configurations across one deployment
  • Cloud hosted with option for on-premise server extension
  • Choose which combination of logging is right for the situation, any combination of BLE, Bluetooth Classic, and Wi-Fi



You Own Your Data

By default, you own the data at all levels produced by the Bluemac system, with privacy protection strongly applied on the raw and matched data. For customers in situations where they cannot own the data or can only use processed output, we work out the needed terms directly with each customer.


Latest Technology

The x7 is loaded with the latest in IoT technology, ensuring a long viable lifespan as part of any ITS infrastructure:

  • 1 GHz ARM processor with 2000 MIPS of processing power
  • 512MB of DDR3L 800 MHz RAM
  • Highest spec Bluetooth Classic 4.2 transceiver
  • Highest spec Bluetooth Low Energy 5 transceiver
  • Best in class Wi-Fi supporting 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n
  • Available quad band 4G LTE NB-IoT / Cat-M1 Modem
  • Built-in Ethernet




More Matches, More Reads

With a “triple play” across Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth Classic, and Wi-Fi, the x7 delivers the matches needed to produce sufficient measures even in low volume traffic, to quantify multimodal journeys, and the device reads needed for effective dwell calculations.



Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

While Bluetooth Classic remains the gold standard for quantifying vehicle Travel Time, Speed, and Origin-Destination by logging in-car entertainment systems, adding BLE delivers greater than 4 times more matches to supplement Bluetooth Classic captures. Privacy infringing techniques, such as logging non-discoverable devices, are not needed. BLE reads the new class of smart devices as well as previously undiscoverable smartphones for additional vehicle captures while still respecting the privacy settings of citizens.



Designed with Multimodal Travel in mind

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) also provides a superior means to quantify pedestrian, bicyclist, and transit / multimodal travel, with a demonstrated capability to log more than 40% of bicyclists and pedestrians based on a study done by Bluemac. If additional reads are needed, Wi-Fi logging is also supported. Customers can take advantage of the additional device captures delivered by Wi-Fi, especially helpful for dwell time metrics, yet still apply Bluetooth technology for superior Origin-Destination calculations – you get the best of both in one. The system is designed to allow a mix-and-match of logging means. Customers can choose to log only BLE, Bluetooth Classic, or Wi-Fi, as well as any combination of the three.





WTI J-5 Pedestrian Sensor

The J-5 Pedestrian Camera Sensor provides a unique solution to the often competing demands of safeguarding pedestrians on the one hand and improving traffic flow, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing pollution on the other. The J-5 is the all-in -one above ground camera detection system.


  • High accuracy detection of waiting pedestrians
  • Eliminates false alarms to increase traffic flow
  • Low power 24 VAC or VDC
  • Replaces or works in parallel with standard push buttons.
  • Superior low-light Performance
  • CE and RoHS compliant



Pedestrian Waiting Area Sensor

The J-5 is ideal for mid-block crossings where pedestrians may not actively push the push button. Using Stereovision 3D Technology, the J-5 sensor tracks objects coming into your predefined area and will determine if that object is moving to the defined crossing area. If a pedestrian moves toward the crossing it will activate the beacons automatically. The J-5 system will not activate if a pedestrian is just passing though the zone or decides not to cross. 3D stereovision cameras will only detect objects that are over 28 inches tall, so small animals or debris will not set off the system.


Pedestrian Crossing Sensor

Get a higher accuracy of detection when the J-5 is used as a pedestrian crossing sensor on most roadways. The J-5’s 3D Stereovision cameras can see over 75 feet! Use the J-5 alone or in conjunction with your existing push buttons to extend the crossing times for slower pedestrians. The J-5 sensor can help to balance the need for efficient traffic flow and increased pedestrian safety. Setup is easy and all the software to configure the system is included.



M.H. Corbin Connect ITS

Make your existing sensors smarter!

The Connect:ITS Advanced Traffic Management System is engineered to be a simple to use, scalable and low power roadside information system. Using data from both M.H. Corbin and popular third party sensors, algorithms compute changing traffic and weather conditions in real-time.

Data is then analyzed and distributed to your existing messaging network of HAR systems, dynamic message signs and flashing beacon systems. Additional outputs can also be used to send data to in-vehicle warning systems via DSRC based systems.

Connect:ITS is now available in a smaller DIN Rail form factor so it can be placed almost anywhere! 



  • LED Display
  • Multiple Sensor Inputs
  • Multiple Destination Options
  • Scalable to suit your needs
  • Ready for the latest DSRC protocols

New Smaller DIN Rail Design

Traditional Din Rail Configuration


How Does It work?

The Connect:ITS ATMS controlelr uses IF/THEN scenarios to analyze incoming data from weather, pavement, speed and other sensors. Commands based on sensor input are then sent to DMS, HAR, beacons, variable speed limit signs and DSRC systems.



Scalable To Suit Your Needs

A Connect: ITS System can be scaled to operate as a stand-alone unit or as an add-on to an existing ATMS network. The CONNECT: ITS is the comprehensive solution to gathering, analyzing, and communicating accurate and reliable information to motorists.

The Connect: ITS System can compute thresholds for:

  • Adavanced Warning
  • Weather
  • Variable Speed Limits


Input/Output Ports

The Connect: ITS System is compatible with most legacy, existing, and future sensor systems including radar and speed, pavement condition, and temperature sensors, RWIS sensors, and DSRC devices.



Watch the video to see how the Connect: ITS can work for you.


JSF Pedestrian Activated Flashing Beacons

Why JSF Technology Activated Beacons?

JSF’s solar-powered single or dual-head beacons is a proven solution for mid block crossings.  This system is designed for ease of installation in multiple mounting configurations.  They are available in 8’’ or 12’’ models. Purposely designed for extreme climate, JSF’s systems are rugged and reliable. JSF’s unique design minimizes the likelihood for theft by discretely and securely housing the solar panels, controller and batteries.  AC-powered mid block crosswalk systems are also available.


  • Choose from 8" or 12" beacon.
  • Single, Dual and Three head models available.
  • Multiple pushbutton options available.
  • Installs in minutes to minimize traffic disruption.
  • Self-contained, discrete design to enhance streetscapes and inhibit vandalism.


  • Crosswalks - Great for any mid-block or uncontrolled crosswalk
  • Fire Stations - Give your emergency vehicles a chance to enter the roadway by alerting drivers
  • Parking Lots - From shopping malls to private industrial sites, they’re all a hazard for pedestrians
  • Construction Sites - Aid pedestrians in crossing away from construction sites and closed sidewalks
  • College Campuses - Busy and packed with pedestrians



LaneLight In-Road Warning Lights

LaneLight markers produce a bright, daytime-visible light focused directly in the drivers line of sight, clearly indicating the edge of a curve, variable lane, or pedestrain crossing. This requires no interpretation by the driver and the increased visibility results in enhanced safety far more effective than warning beacons or roadside signage. 



Barricade for Pedestrian Channelization - Yodock 2001M

Yodock® Model 2001M is on the Oregon QPL as an approved pedestrian channelizing device for pedestrian safety.  It is lightweight and portable. The intended use of the Model 2001M is to assist in the prevention of vehicular penetration of a work zone or gore area, street and road closures, as well as providing clear delineation for traffic channelization and pedestrian safety.


  • Light weight system enables convenient positioning by hand. No heavy equipment required.
  • Can be accessorized for longitudinal barriers, work zone perimeter fencing and more.
  • Stackable for efficient transportation and storage.
  • Manufactured from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE).
  • Available in White and Orange. Custom colors also available.


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