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Barriers & Barricades

Our barriers and barricades can be used in a variety of applications including airports, pedestrian channelizing, work zones, vertical construction and more. 

PSS Innovations SafetyWall® ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricade

SafetyWall® ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricade

 SafetyWall® ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricade is ideal for creating accessible work zones. A continuous, interlocking device, SafetyWall® meets ADA guidelines and MUTCD standards as a sidewalk closure or a longitudinal channelizer.


  • SafetyWall is a continuous, interlocking device, and meets ADA guidelines and MUTCD 2009 Edition Standards as a sidewalk closure barricade or longitudinal channelizer device


  • Tested to Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) Guidelines, Test Level 3. FHWA Eligibility Letter WZ-315
  • Made from high density polyethylene plastic with UV-stabilizers. Available in orange or white.


  • Measures 3" W x 36.25" H x 74" L. Weighs 35 lbs


  • Accepts warning lights and audible warning devices, legs support sand bags


  • Retroreflective sheeting available in Hi Intensity and Fluorescent grade to meet state and federal specifications



Valtir Barricade for Pedestrian Channelization - Yodock 2001M

Yodock® Model 2001M is now MASH APPROVED!

The 2001M is on the Oregon QPL as an approved pedestrian channelizing device for pedestrian safety.  It is lightweight and portable. The intended use of the Model 2001M is to assist in the prevention of vehicular penetration of a work zone or gore area, street and road closures, as well as providing clear delineation for traffic channelization and pedestrian safety.


  • MASH approved pedestrian channelizing device
  • Light weight system enables convenient positioning by hand. No heavy equipment required.
  • Can be accessorized for longitudinal barriers, work zone perimeter fencing and more.
  • Stackable for efficient transportation and storage.
  • Manufactured from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE).
  • Available in White and Orange. Custom colors also available.


Valtir 2001SL (Slimline)

Our new Yodock 2001SL is Oregon DOT approved as a Bicycle Channelizing Device (BCD). The 2001SL (Slimline) barricade is a lightweight, low-profile channelizing device used for delineation of a work zone or gore area.The lower profile Slimline is ideal for multiple applications where vehicular delineation or pedestrian walkways are needed. The Slimline can be used empty or ballasted with water and the unique interlocking system allows for over 20° of articulation at each joint. Warning flags, lights, signs and more can be securely mounted to each unit. The Yodock 2001SL is has an FHWA acceptance as a Logitudinal Channelizing Device.

Watch the Fox12 news story!



  • FHWA acceptance as a Logitudinal Channelizing Device (LCD): WZ-220
  • Lightweight system eliminates the need for large equipment.
  • Made of heavy duty recyclable polyethylene.
  • Stackable for efficient transportation and storage.
  • Flanges for anchoring to the roadway.
  • Forklift access holes for easy moving.


The 2001SL Barricade is comprised of recyclable, portable energy disbursement cells, molded to ensure water tightness and integrity. The 2001 Slimline is manufactured with internally molded baffles in order to maintain its shape, be properly sealed, and leak resistant. The provided drain plugs, one located on each side and underside grooves to allow for flow of surface drainage. The Yodock SL can also be filled with foam material. The unit is joined by a unique coupling system that provides a positive interlock while allowing for approximately 22 degrees of articulation between the units. The unit has ports designed to allow for ground mounting and forklift holes for ease of mobility when filled.



  • Construction and temporary work zones
  • Longitudinal channelizer
  • Airport construction and maintenance
  • Parking facilities
  • Municipal and public utilities
  • Security checkpoints
  • Event and crowd control


ACZ 350

The ACZ-350 TL2 & TL-3 is a gating, non-redirective crash cushion for work zone protection. The unique design of the ACZ 350 systems protects errant drivers from impacting concrete barrier ends, and also contains the errant vehicle from vaulting into the work zone. The ACZ 350 System consists of a sheet metal nose, water-filled plastic shell segments and a steel transition for attachment to concrete or steel barriers. No roadway anchorage is required.


  • NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 2 and Test Level 3 compliant.
  • Narrow profile design for minimal intrusion.
  • Light weight for simple and fast assembly.
  • No foundations or anchoring necessary.
  • Multiple back-up structure and attachments available.

Triton Barrier® TL-2 / TL-3

The Triton Barrier® is a highly portable and crashworthy water filled barrier that is ideal for use where time and space are limited. The system consists of interlocking 6.5 feet barrier sections constructed of polyethylene plastic and strengthened by an internal steel framework. Triton Barriers® complies to NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3 by utilizing a metal strap and pedestal system that creates a more permanent unit for your work zone.


  • NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 2 or Test Level 3 with added pedestal system.
  • Compliant for water filled longitudinal work zone barriers.
  • Cost effective compared to portable concrete barriers.
  • Transition hardware availabe for attachment to guardrail or concrete barriers.
  • Lightweight design for easy deployment and transport.

Triton CET

The Triton Barrier® CET (Concrete End Treatment) consists of interlocking barrier sections made of polyethylene plastic and an internal steel framework. The system functions as a portable end treatment to prevent errant vehicles from striking rigid, exposed, portable concrete wall ends. Ideal for work zone applications, the Triton Barrier® CET is NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 2 compliant and easily converts to Test Level 3 by adding the Triton Barrier® TL-3 pedestals.


  • NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 2 compliant, Test Level 3 with added pedestals.
  • Lightweight, steel reinforced polyethylene sections for easy setup and portability.
  • Compliant for water filled longitudinal work zone barriers.
  • No boring or drilling, all connections are made through simple pins.
  • Effective in all weather conditions.

Vulcan® Gate

The Vulcan® Gate is designed to facilitate access through runs of permanent and temporary longitudinal barrier. Applications include creating openings in medians for cross-over emergency vehicles, work zone access openings in PCMB and even creating openings in long runs of Vulcan® Steel Barriers. This system consists of two transitions and at least one barrier equipped with wheels and jacks. The system is NCHRP TL-3 and TL-4 approved. The Vulcan® Gate gate is connected via a steel pin and can be moved completely by hand, no special equipment is needed.


  • NCHRP Reprt 350 Test Level 3 and Test Level 4 approved.
  • Creates an opening in any median or roadside longitudinal barrier.
  • No tools or special equipment required to operate the system.
  • Easily connected or disconnected via a single steel pin.
  • Equipped with wheels and jacks for easy transport.


BarrierGate® is a crashworthy, automated gate for barrier openings that allows for convenient access to authorized personnel. BarrierGate® prevents illegal U-turns that can cause serious accidents and improves emergency response times. It is ideal for rerouting traffic, median cross-overs, HOV lanes and reversible lanes.  When closed, BarrierGate® forms a positive, longitudinal barrier that meets NCHRP 350 TL-3 and TL-4 requirments and is available in both manual or electric powered models.


  • NCHRP Repot 350 Test evel 3 and Test Level 4 compliant.
  • Automated or manual models available.
  • Generous 42 foot opening for emergency and authorized vehicles.
  • Optional one button radio remote control with automatic timed closure.
  • Optional electric eye to reverse gate closure when blockage is detected.


Vulcan® Barrier

The Vulcan® is a portable barrier made of lightweight, galvanized steel segments. It is NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3 and Test Level 4 and is EN1317 H2 and N2 compliant as a longitudinal re-directing barrier. The Vulcan® Barrier can be used in permanent and work zone applications with a variety of end treatments.


  • NCHRP Repot 350 Test Level 3 and Test Level 4 compliant.
  • Deployable as a gate or free standing with multiple anchoring configurations.
  • Reduces work zone congestion by creating temporary lane shifts during off-peak or weekend hours.
  • Can be used as a temporary or permanent median or roadside longitudinal barrier.
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