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QuadGuard Elite M10

The QuadGuard Elite M10 offers all the same benefits as the regular Elite but with the extra safety of MASH Test Level 3 Compliancy. The QuadGuard Elite M10 utilizes many of the same components of the classic QuadGuard but features High Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE) cylinders that are placed in all bays. The eight-bay configuration is ideal for MASH TL-3 applications. The Elite M10 is 24" wide and has transitions to multiple widths of concrete barrier, guardrail, and other roadside hazards.



  • MASH Test Level 3 Compliant.
  • High Density Polyethylene (HPDE) cylinders provide low life cycle costs.
  • High strength Quad-BeamTM panels.
  • No anchoring chains or tension cables needed.
  • Custom connections available.

MASH Ready

The QuadGuard Elite M10 is crash tested to the latest MASH standards. The sysem is TL-3 rated for impacts up to 62 mph.


HPDE Cylinders

High Density Polyethylene cylinders replace the traditional QuadGuard energy absorbing cartridges in the Elite M10. Cylinders are potentially reusable after an impact, saving time and money.



Quad-Beam Panels

Trinity Industries exclusive Quad-BeamTM panels are made from high strength steel that slide over one another in a head on impact. Quad-Beam panels are also designed to redirect vehicles if impacted from the side.


Monorail Base

The unique Monorail Base in the QuadGuard Elite M10 combines the HPDE Cylinders and Quad-Beam panels together to creating the industries best redirective, non-gating crash cushion on the market.


Flex-belt Nose

The M10s Flex-belt nose stands out from all other systems by wrapping around the first cylinder of the crash cushion. After impact the heavy duty construction of the Flex-belt allows it to be potentially reused.



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