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The REACT™ M system is a redirective, non-gating, crash cushion that consists of six high density polyethylene (HDPE) cylinders attached to a steel backup and base track assembly. REACT™ M is tested to MASH 16 Test Level 3.


  • Six HDPE cylinders with varying thicknesses
  • Ladder style base track with steel backup
  • Four tensioned redirective cables
  • Unique sliding diaphragm between each cylinder 
  • Simple anchoring for easy installation



MASH Ready

The REACT™ M is tested to MASH 16 Test Level 3. Testing results have shown that the system may regain much of its original shape and capacity when impacted within the MASH 16 crash standard.



Assembly & Maintenance

REACT™ M Systems arrives assembled and ready to install on a new or existing concrete pad. The system has a self-contained steel backup structure that can connect to a variety of structures like concrete barriers, bridge piers, bridge parapets and more!



High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Cylinders

REACT™ M feature six unique HDPE cylinders all specifically engineered to work together to withstand impacts from light cars to heavier, high center of gravity vehicles.




  • Length: 22'-2 3/4" (6.78m)
  • Cylinder Width (w/Cable Guides): 38 3/4" (0.98m)
  • Base Track Width: 41 3/4" (1.06m)
  • Height: 52 3/4" (1.34m)
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