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Flood & Erosion Control

Coral Sales Company supplies a variety of erosion control and flood barrier products including Gabion Baskets, Reno Mattresses and Geotextiles. 

Barrier Force™ Flood Force Barriers™

Barrier Force™ Flood Barriers are designed to be deployed rapidly to help flood mitigation situations. Durable and flexible Barrier Force™ flood barriers offer an extended footprint with a sloped face. This allows the weight of the water to decrease at the top facing slope of barrier. Barrier Force™ can be installed by leaving specific gaps in the barrier for entrance and exit of vehicles or equipment. This allows flood protection around structures and roads but still leaves them accessible until flood waters are closing in. Gaps can then be closed with the remaining Barrier Force™ Flood Barriers.


  • Designed for flood mitigation, temporary levees, erosion control and more.
  • More cost effective than traditional sand bags.
  • Available in 2ft., 4ft. or 6ft. heights.

 See how fast Barrier Force is to deploy


Retaining Walls

Reinforced soil retaining walls [commonly grouped as Mechanically Stabilized Embankments - MSE] represent an innovative method of resolving familiar, as well as unfamiliar and challenging problems of soil stabilization. Instead of regarding soil as a mass to be contained by force, the earth itself is reinforced to become an integral part of the structure. The walls behave as gravity structures in an integral unit and provide structural flexibility as well as soil stabilization. Welded wire mats placed within layers of compacted backfill provide the necessary tensile strength. Native soils at the site or from excavation are often acceptable for backfill. The resulting structure is strong, yet resilient.


  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • Great for retaining walls and soil stabilization.
  • Helps preserve or restore environmental areas.


Gabion Baskets

Gabion baskets act as retaining walls and erosion control in civil works. These baskets are filled with stone to present flexible, monolithic structures. The double-twisted-wire-mesh has built-in, non-raveling effect that prevent accidental damage from spreading. Gabion baskets also permit the preservation or restoration of the environment.


  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • Great for retaining walls and erosion control.
  • Helps preserve or restore environmental areas.

Reno Mattress

Reno Mattresses are used for river bank and scour protection, channel linings for erosion and sediment control and embankment stability. The base section of the Reno Mattress is divided into compartments and filled with rock at the project site. With lids secured, Reno Mattresses create erosion and sediment control that forms flexible, permeable, monolithic structures to promote rapid growth of natural vegetation.


  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • Great for erosion control and embankment stability.
  • Helps preserve or restore environmental areas.
  • Can help promote rapid growth of natural vegetation.


Rockfall Drapery System

Rockfall Drapery Systems by Maccaferri are used on sloped applications to prevent and control falling debris in areas where loss of life or property damage is possible. As surface debris loosens and falls, it is forced to work its way between the mesh/cable panels of the drapery system and the ground surface until it reaches the base of the slope where it can be removed.


  • Double-twist wire mesh for strength and felxability.
  • Draped mesh allows debris to fall safely to slope base.
  • Varying sizes available for most any application.
  • Protects people, roadways and property from damage.
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