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Guardrail & End Treatments

Coral Sales Company provides only the highest quality guardrail and end treatment components in the Pacific Northwest. Our inventory includes all components for the most common guardrail end treatment systems in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska, as well as standard components including guardrail panels, steel and wood posts, hardware, end pieces and more.

Watch this amazing video of a Rally Racers being saved from tumbling off a cliff by guardrail.

This is why we do what we do!!



Guardrail Panels

Coral Sales Company has galvanized W-Beam and Thrie-Beam panels in stock. Guardrail panels are available in a variety of lengths. Custom sizes are available upon request. Need radius guardrail panels? Click here.

We Carry

  • 12’ 6" guardrail panels.
  • 6’ 3” guardrail panels.
  • 25’ 0” guardrail panels.
  • Custom guardrail panel lengths.

Why is guardrail so important?

We value the safety our products can offer, so we love it when we see news stories like the one linked below. This is why guardrail is important. It saves lives everyday!

Guardrail Posts & Blocks

Coral Sales Company offers galvanized steel posts and pressure treated wood posts in a variety of sizes that meet the requirements of many different local government agencies. We also carry wood blocks & composite rubber blocks to fit both W-Beam and Thrie-Beam guardrail including timber guardrails and steel guardrails.

Rhino PD-200G Heavy Duty Post Driver

The PD-200G Heavy Duty Post Driver is the perfect choice for driving Beams, Round, Square or Rectangular Tubing, Wood Posts, and Stakes of any shape. Capable of outperforming a 90 lb. Jack Hammer, the PD-200 features an Alloy Steel piston and a 7″ Master Chuck. 


  • At 170 pounds, the PD-200 drives large, heavy post quickly and securely.
  • Delivering up to 930 blows per minute, and capable of driving guardrail and other heavy-duty posts.
  • Low air consumption and high-quality components, mean low-cost, low-maintenance post driving.
  • Additional driving options possible with easy bolt-on adapters.

Drive Posts FAST!

The Rhino PD-200G can easily drive steel posts in minutes with only a crew of two. Maximize time and money when using the PD-200G and your own pneumatic compressor.


The MSKT is an energy-absorbing tangent terminal that is MASH TL-3 compliant. MSKT has an overall length of 50’0” and has eight posts spaced at 6’3” on center. During head on impacts, the MSKT head slides over the W-Beam guardrail, sequentially kinking the rail. The rail then exits the head and the vehicle is brought to a controlled stop. 


  • MASH TL-3 Compliant
  • Same proven technology as the SKT-350
  • Rail heights of 30” – 32”
  • Can work with the same footprint as the SKT-350
  • Ease of Installation


MSKT vs SKT-350

The MSKT uses the same technology that has proven in-field performance as seen in the SKT-350. The new closed impact head design makes it easy for crews to idenify and conforms to MASH TL-3 standards. Designers can work with the same footprint as the SKT-350 for existing or new project that need to be MASH compliant. For a complete list of differences please download the MSKT vs SKT-350 document listed at the bototm of this page.



Ease of Maintenance

The MSKT’s Impact head can be used on existing in-place SKT-350 systems for maintenance repairs. Using the MASH SKT head for both maintenance and new MASH installations, only the MSKT impact head needs to be inventoried, saving time and money. 

MSKT is listed on the following state contracts:

  • Oregon Guardarail Contract #B32995
  • Washington Guardarail Contract #00118
  • Idaho Guardarail Contract #162400058



Safety in Mind

When impacted along the side within the length-of-need, the MASH SKT functions like guardrail, containing and redirecting the errant vehicle. Head on impacts allow the MSKT head to slide over the guardrail and through the main head, sequentially kinking it away from traffic. The guardrail then exits the head and the vehicle is slowed to a stop.



Building on the success of both the MSKT and the NCHRP 350 FLEAT, we are proud to announce MFLEAT, a MASH Test Level 3-compliant flared end terminal system. The MFLEAT features the same field-proven technology as the FLEAT system, with the same ease of installation you have come to expect with the FLEAT system. In addition, some MFLEAT parts are interchangeable with our MSKT tangent MASH terminal.


  • MASH Test Level 3 compliant
  • Same ease of installation as the FLEAT
  • Can use generic guardrail posts at locations 4 - 8
  • Energy absorbing flared terminal

Flared End Terminal System

The MFLEAT features a 39'7" straight flare length with a 3'0" offset to suit may roadway appications.



MASH Test Level 3 Compliant

MFLEAT is up to date with the latest MASH standards and can easily be installed when a older system needs to be replaced.

Valtir CASS S3 M10 (MASH)

The Valtir, formerly known as Trinity Highway Products CASS S3 M10 is our MASH approved cable system that assists in redirecting errant vehicles that would otherwise traverse the median of a roadway. Each CASS 3" S-Beam post employs a proprietary wave shaped slot, which works in tandem with strategically positioned cables to increase the system’s ability to restrain various types of vehicles. MASH testing on the CASS M10 has shown that this proprietary shape of the slots allows for lower deflections by minimizing the length of unsupported cables.


  • MASH TL-3 and TL-4 approved
  • S3 x 5.7 lb./LF I-Beam
  • Four cable, high tension system
  • Widened cable spread from 17" to 42"
  • Can use standard or pre-stretched cables
  • Patented slot design and two bottom hook bolts

Four Cable System 

The 3/4" high strength cables are spread at specific heights to restrain different types of vehicles.

Cables are spaced at 17.4", 29.5", 38" and 42.4".


Cable Barrier End Treatments

The CASS system has multiple terminating options available; Cable Termial, Cable Anchor, Transition to W-Beam and more. Contact us for more transition options for your project.


Assembly and Maintenance

CASS S3 can be used with multiple anchor options like driven sockets, driven posts or concrete sockets. The system can use 3/4" or 1" fittings and the pre-stretched and tensioned cables require little to no maintenance. Cables can be provided in custom or pre-assembled 1,000ft. lengths for a variety of project applications. CASS S3 M10 has minimal maintenance and can be repaired quickly when impacted within MASH Criteria.


Valtir CASS Cable (NCHRP 350)

Cable Safety System (CASS) is a high-tension cable barrier that is designed to assist in preventing potential head-on collisions by capturing and redirecting errant vehicles that would otherwise traverse the median of a roadway.  CASS is configured for use on medians, shoulders and slopes.  CASS can also be custom-tailored by end users for appropriate deflections via variable post spacing.  The CASS cable guardrail system is NCHRP 350 TL-3 & TL-4 compliant and is available as three or four strand systems.


  • Three-cable (pre-stretched or standard) high-tension system.
  • No sharp edges or hooks in 6:1 slope systems.
  • Wave-shaped slot in post results in lower deflections.
  • Option of NCHRP Report 350 Cable Terminal or non-350 Cable Anchor.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design with no interwoven cables.
  • NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3 and Test Level 4 compliant.

O-Post Wire Rope Safety Barrier (MASH)

The MASH compliant O-Post Wire Rope Barrier System (WRSF) offers a patented interweaving of the wire ropes to contain & redirect errant vehicles. This unique design helps to prevent vehicles from crossing the barrier or deflecting back into the traffic flow. The O-Post WRSF is designed to absorb the energy of an impact, minimizing injury to passengers and damage to vehicles.


  • MASH Compliant High Tension 4-Rope System 
  • Interwoven design reduces deflection
  • Tubular Posts eliminate sharp edges
  • No machinery required to tension system cables
  • All Galvanized components

Mash Compliant 4-Rope System

The O-Post's 4-rope design makes it MASH Compliant and ideal for medians along the highway.


Interwoven Rope Design

The patented interweaving of the wire ropes helps to prevent vehicles from crossing the barrier or deflecting back into the traffic flow.


Tubular Posts Eliminate Sharp Edges

The O-Post rounded post design helps to absorb the energy of an impact, minimizing injury to passengers and damage to vehicles.

Radiused Guardrail

Coral Sales Company inventories several radius sections specified to be installed on curves.  Rail can be curved either convex or concave as required.  Terms convex or concave refer to the direction curved, outward or inward, relative to the traffic face of the rail. Custom sizes are available.  For assistance, please contact our Sales Department. 

Guardrail End Pieces

Coral Sales Company is your resource for guardrail end pieces. We carry a variety of guardrail terminus options in stock and ready for delivery to your yard or jobsite.


  • Flared End pieces
  • 3/4 Wrap end pieces
  • Alternate Terminal sections
  • End Shoes
  • Buffer end sections (one piece/two piece)
  • Median Barrier end pieces


The SKT 350 (Sequential Kinking Terminal) is an energy absorbing tangent terminal available in 25 or 50ft long options and meets NCHRP 350 TL-2 and TL-3 requirements. During a design impact the rail is sequentially kinked as it moves through the head and curls away from the road way. Side impacts result in safe redirection of the errant vehicle when impacted within the length-of-need. A hinged steel post system is available for the SKT.


  • Can be used with breakaway wood or steel posts.
  • Uses many common standard W-beam barrier components.
  • Easier to maintain and repair than competitive systems.
  • Total length of 50' 0" for Test Level 3 design speeds.

Maintenance Crews! All new and repairable SKT-350 impact heads now use the new MSKT head. Learn More >> 

Valtir SoftStop®

The Softstop® is an all-steel tangent end terminal for use with 31" W-beam guardrail systems. Using a proprietary head design, the system flattens and extrudes the W-beam guardrail upon end-on impacts. The SoftStop® dissipates energy while guiding the flattened rail through the mouth at the bottom of the unit. SoftStop® is MASH Test Level 2 & 3 Compliant and is compatible with a variety of 31" guardrail systems. 


  • MASH Test Level 3 compliant as a redirective, gating end terminal.
  • 100% galvanized steel head and post design.
  • Splices at mid-span of the posts to allow for easy assembly.
  • Can be configured to use 12'6" or 25' panels with 8" or 12" offset blocks.


MASH Ready

The Softstop® system is a tangent, single-sided, energy absorbing, rediretive and gating end terminal. Softstop® is the first end termial to meet MASH standards and is also available in Test Level 1 and Test Level 2 configurations.


Narrow Head Design

The SoftStop's® unique narrow head design helps minimize nuisance impacts from vehicles and maintenance operations, such as mowing and snow removal.


Front Anchor Technology

The Front Anchor of the Softstop® is designed to allow the rail panes to remain anchored during end-on impacts within MASH criteria.



Energy Dissipation

During head-on impacts within MASH criteria, the Valtir Softstop® system dissipates energy by compressing the w-beam through the head channel and down the length of the anchors panels.





Valtir SRT-350™

The Slotted Rail Terminal (SRT 350™) is a gating, flared end terminal and is available in a 6-post or 8-post system. The SRT/HBA 6-Post System has 2 steel breakaway posts and 4 wood CRT Posts and is installed in a straight-line flare. The SRT 8-Post System has 8 wood breakaway posts. The SRT 350 meets the NCHRP 350, TL-3 criteria and is available in 37’ 6” lengths.

  • 3’0”- 4’0” (915 mm-1220 mm) offset results in reduced installation costs.
  • Two steel breakaway posts are typically reusable after an impact within NCHRP Report 350 criteria.
  • Improved angle struts allow for easier installation.
  • Fewer posts and a straight layout provide cost savings in construction, making replacement easier.

For the latest Installation and maintenance information for the SRT-350 click here. 


The Fleat 350 (Flared Energy Absorbing Terminal) offers significant safety and economical advantages over existing parabolic curved flared terminals. For end-on impacts, the vehicle is controlled in a much more predictable behavior. The impact head slides over the W-beam and absorbs kinetic energy.


  • Variable offset between 2'6" and 4'0".
  • Can be installed with wood or steel posts.
  • Smaller components reduces installation time.


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