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MASH Compliant Products

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Coral Sales Company has always been the leading supplier of the latest transportation safety standards. That tradition carries on with the most comprehensive line of MASH compliant products in the industry.

Energy Absorption Systems QuadGuard M10

The QuadGuard® M10 consists of an engineered steel nose and crushable, energy absorbing cartridges surrounded by a framework of steel Quad-Beam™ panels. The system is MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) and Test Level 3 compliant as a re-directive, non-gating crash cushion.


  • Self-supporting steel nose.
  • Monorail guide stabilizers.
  • Concrete or asphalt anchoring options available.
  • High strength Quad-BeamTM panels.
  • Needs no anchoring chains or tension cables.

Trinity SoftStop®

The Softstop® is an all-steel tangent end terminal for use with 31" W-beam guardrail systems. Using a proprietary head design, the system flattens and extrudes the W-beam guardrail upon end-on impacts. The SoftStop® dissipates energy while guiding the flattened rail through the mouth at the bottom of the unit. SoftStop® is MASH Test Level 2 & 3 Compliant and is compatible with a variety of 31" guardrail systems. 


  • MASH Test Level 3 compliant as a redirective, gating end terminal.
  • 100% galvanized steel head and post design.
  • Splices at mid-span of the posts to allow for easy assembly.
  • Can be configured to use 12'6" or 25' panels with 8" or 12" offset blocks.

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