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Specialty Products

Coral Sales Company offers exciting line of specialty products manufactured by Transpo Industries, Valtir - formerly known as Trinity Highway, Ver-Mac, John Thomas Inc. and more.  We are proud to represent the nation’s leading manufacturers of Highway Safety Solutions who manufacture products that have been tested, approved and accepted to meet federal and state safety guidelines.

Sequential Flare

The perfect road safety solution to ensure that drivers are not just warned, but guided around danger without blinding them.

Safety Made Simple

A confused or distracted driver is a recipe for disaster. Provide drivers with a runway like approach light that can be seen further in advance and distinguishable from the other vehicle light bars. There's a reason why a sequential landing zone beacon system ("rabbit") is used on the runway threshold.


  • Automatic Synchronization of flares

  • Rapid Deployment System (RDS) automatically turns flare on (gloves okay!)

  • Endoskeleton carrying case makes deployment safe, quick, and easy!


Built in the U.S.A.

Road equipment needs to be built to last. Our patented rectangular design maximizes battery volume while minimizing height. Tire impact is lessened. Manufactured and designed in our facility in California, the smart flare has an anticipated life span of 5+ years. With 2-year warranty and 24/7 support, the pi-lit® team has your back.

  • Generation-2 flare - 22,600 kg (50,000 lbs) of crush strength. Yup, you
    read that right!

  • IP66 Water and Dust Proof Rating

  • Built, Designed, and Supported in the U.S.A

  • 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty


The gift that keeps on giving... low initial after that!

Traditional fusees cost $2.50 and last 20 minutes. The Smart Sequential Road Flare cost less than $ 0.90 per deployment for the 1st year and is free thereafter. And this doesn't include the cost of a new pair of pants! Call it a win/win!

  • No fire danger; prevent avoidable and costly fire damage

  • Quick return on investment with enhanced safety

  • No toxic or harmful fumes

  • Unlike fusees flame flares, can be used in chemical or fuel spills

Features and Specifications

icon--checkmark Gravity controlled light output: Tilt sensor automatically directs light output to optimize driver awareness

icon--checkmark RDS™ (Rapid Deployment System): Automatically turns on flare when removed from the case (Winter gloves? No problem.)

icon--checkmark "Pair" mode system allows for single or multiple sets to be synchronized

icon--checkmark Preferred pattern, deployment order, and gravity activation mode settings are saved into memory for next deployment

icon--checkmark 6 hour recharge time from a completely depleted battery

icon--checkmark Battery status check with push of a button

icon--checkmark Charge all flares at once (using dual purpose carrying case)

icon--checkmark Powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (1500 fully depleted charge cycles)


Aquaphalt is a permanent eco-friendly patch material for asphalt and concrete manufactured in the USA. It is commonly used by DOTs, municipalities, government agencies, schools and maintenance contractors, and anyone else who has roadway and parking areas that need to be maintained. Aquaphalt is available in fine, medium and coarse aggregates.


  • Environmentally friendly, No VOCs
  • Sets-up with only water
  • Can be installed in below freezing temperatures
  • No need for large crews or special tools
  • 3 year warranty

Three Aggregates to choose from


Why should I use Aquaphalt when cold patch is half the price?

Cold patch could be free, but if it doesn’t work it is costing you more money. Aquaphalt can be installed in any weather condition any time of year and will give you a permanent patch. All you need is a hand tamper and a bucket of water.


How much water do I use?

We recommend 1 gallon of water per bucket of Aquaphalt, but you cannot add too much.


Can I install Aquaphalt on top of a failing sub-grade?

No, you need to remove failing asphalt and compact your sub-grade before installing Aquaphalt.


What do I do when its below freezing?

Simply add something to your water to keep it from freezing. Mix in RV Anti-freeze or salt brine and pour that mixture on top of your Aquaphalt patch.




Optoengineering TMLT Truck Mounted LED Light

The TMLT Truck Mounted LED Light is a compact, rapid deploy mobile lighting system designed to mount in standard hitch receivers. The TMLT incorporates high output LED technology, and eliminates the need for bulky trailer generator lighting systems. This light-weight unit collapses to a compact size and is easily transported in the hitch receiver or in the truck bed. The TMLT Portalbe LED Work Light can be powered by your vehicle’s 12VDC using standard 7 pin trailer receptacles or with optional120VAC powering options. The OptoEngineering TMLT is a powerful, cost effective solution to nighttime lighting applications.



  • Easily sets up in 3 minutes
  • Bright 17,700 Lumen LEDs
  • Gas spring assist for rapid deployment
  • Two adjustable heads
  • Anti-glare technology 


Easy Deployment


Super Bright 17,700 Lumen LEDs

Gas Strut Assist for Rapid Deployment


Anti-Glare Technology To Keep The Work Zone Safe



Dura-Curb is the easy to install raised separator system that provides superior channelization for vehicles. Motorists are deterred from crossing over lane lines due to its raised profile. Dura-Curb with its superior visibility, low maintenance and quick release base system make it ideal for a variety of applications.


  • Severe Use Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Superior Channelization
  • Superior Visibility
  • Quick Release Base System
  • Modular Design

Dura-Curb Raised Separator System – designed to withstand repeated impacts and remain intact. Unlike brittle plastic curb systems that shatter when impacted, the Dura-Curb is constructed of HMW/HDPE plastic, a highly durable, resilient material that absorbs impact energy. The Dura-Curb is designed for SEVERE USE applications to reduce labor and maintenance costs. It is NCHRP 350 approved. Both the Dura-Curb sections and the flexible delineators are designed to withstand repeated impacts.


The rounded Dura-Curb modules are constructed of HMW/HDPE plastic. This extremely durable material provides superior UV resistance and is unaffected by road salts and oils common to the roadway environment. The system’s integrated color vision strips are molded into the modules – no paint to smudge off!

A wide range of Dura-Curb delineators can be added in seconds using the Quick Release Base System that is built into the modules. Dura-Curb delineators exceed NCHRP 350 standards and are designed to return to their original position after design impacts.


Transpo Industries Bondade® Asphaltic Bond Promoter

Bondade® by Transpo Industries is a highly effective asphalt adhesive designed to promote a superior bond between asphaltic materials to a variety of substrates. Bondade® has been evaluated, proven and continuously used by agencies across the country for decades. The road patching agents in Bondade® markedly extend the working life of asphalt repairs by securing a water insensitive bond between repair asphalt and the base materials. Bondade® asphaltic bond promoter should be used whenever new asphalt or bituminous concrete is being applied to either concrete, asphaltic surfaces or potholes.



  • Bond Lasts Up to 85% Longer Than Other Methods
  • Cost Effective & Environmentally Safe
  • Non-Flammable, Non-Combustible & VOC Compliant
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous Fumes & Will Not Irritate Skin
  • No Smell, No Mess
  • Easy Application, No Special Equipment Needed
  • Long Shelf Life & Easy Clean Up


Application is as easy as 1 ... 2 ... 3 

Bondade® is easy to apply and requires no special equipment. Simply sweep debris and water out of the repair area of debris and water, spray Bondade®, and then patch using your regular cold or hot asphalt mix. Unlike other bonding agents, Bondade® can be applied to damp surfaces.


Watch how easy Bondade is to apply


Transpo Industries Sealate® T-70 HMWM Crack Sealer

Sealate® T-70 Crack Sealer is a specially formulated High Molecular Weight Methacrylate (HMWM) resin material that strengthen and extends the life of concrete. With an easy single application, Sealate® T-70 deeply penetrates, quickly fills and bonds cracks, and seals pores in existing concrete including roadways, bridges, and various concrete structures and surfaces.


  • Very Low Viscosity at <25 cPs
  • Deep Crack Penetration
  • Steady Cure for Optimal Crack Penetration
  • Fills and Bonds Cracks
  • Easy Single Application
  • Requires No Special Equipment
  • Low Volatility
  • Strengthens and Extends the Life of Concrete



The very low viscosity and surface tension of the Sealate® formulations allow it to easily penetrate and fill deep cracks in existing concrete. It bonds well to the inner walls of the cracks thereby restoring much of the original strength and reducing crack propagation. The significantly lower modulus and increased tensile elongation of Sealate® provides better compatibility with moving cracks and thermal stresses.





Application of Sealate® requires minimal labor and no specialized equipment which results in low installation costs. When used on concrete surfaces and structures it reduces chloride permeability thus protecting it from further deterioration. Sealate® can be used for crack sealing and filling on...

  • Concrete Roads
  • Concrete Bridge Decks
  • Parking Garages
  • Industrial Floors
  • Precast Concrete Elements
  • Premature Cracking in New Concrete



See how easy it is to apply Sealate® T-70

Transpo Industries T-78 Methyl Methacrylate Crack Sealer

Our T-78 Polymer Crack Healer/Sealer form Transpo Industries is a specially formulated, low viscosity, fast setting, methyl methacrylate (MMA) reactive resin system that is highly effective for sealing and filling cracks and pores in concrete surfaces and structures. 


  • Very Low Viscosity at
  • Deep Crack Penetration
  • Cure Time is only 45 minutes at 70° F
  • Fills and Bonds Cracks
  • Easy Single Application
  • Low Volatility
  • Strengthens and Extends the Life of Concrete




The very low viscosity and surface tension of T-78 allows it to easily penetrate and fill deep cracks in existing concrete. It bonds well to the inner walls of cracks thereby restoring much of the original strength and reducing crack propagation. Its rapid curing time assures a quick return to service.




  • Concrete Bridge Decks
  • Industrial Floors
  • Concrete Roads
  • Parking Garages
  • Aircraft Runways and Hangars
  • Precast Concrete Elements
  • Premature Cracking in New Concrete


Ver-Mac PTL-1000 Portable Target Light

The PLT-1000 is a compact, battery powered portable target light for work zone applications and more. The PTL-1000 features Ver-Mac’s exclusive Nightbrite Technology, which provides a brighter, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective lighting system. The system is quick and easy to set up and does not require a diesel generator to power. Equipped with high performance lithium batteries and fast charging system, the PLT-1000 will perform night after night. The system is ideal for short term on and off-road construction and utility projects, presence lighting, flagging operations, special events and emergency service applications.


  • Compact Design
  • Nightbrite Technology
  • High-Performance Batteries
  • Charging System
  • Adjustable Light Settings


  • Construction and Utility
  • Presence Lighting
  • Flagging Operations
  • Special Events
  • Emergency Service
  • Parking Lot
  • Airport
  • Mining



Bollards from Coral Sales Company are made to project specifications and/or custom designs. We can provide galvanized steel bollards with painted or powder coated finish and pressure treated wood bollards. Other materials are available upon request. Please contact us with your site specific requirements. 


  • State specific and custom styles available.
  • Choose steel bollards, pressure treated wood bollards and more.
  • Custom paint and powder coated finishes available. Call for details.


Valtir Glare Screen

Safe-Hit's Glare Screen System is ideal for delineating median barriers, providing an effective headlight shield from approaching vehicles. Made from durable polymeric materials, this unique modular design allows for easy installation and replacement. Barrier walls can be relocated without having to remove the glare screen system, making it ideally suited for permanent or temporary work zone applications.


  • Delineates median barriers.
  • Reduces rubbernecking in the work zone.
  • Barrier walls can be relocated with out removing Glare Screen.
  • Fast, easy installation and replacement.
  • Safe, durable, high impact polymer.


Valtir Dura-Post Delineator

The Dura-Post® delineator is an injection molded urethane flexible post designed to withstand frequent high speed impacts. It is self-certified as NCHRP 350 and MASH Category 1 Devices and tested to NTPEP. It can be configured to MUTCD for delineators, channeling devices, and tubular markers.


  • Tapered one piece urethane design
  • Round post design provided 360° visibility
  • Remains flexible over a wide range of temperatures
  • Surface or soil anchor mounting
  • Comes in standard and custom colors



Base and Anchor Options

  • Surface Mounts for asphalt or concrete
  • Soil Anchor
  • Bolt down, epoxy, or butyl pads

Assembly and Maintenance

  • Post stubs fits in base or anchor socket.
  • Designed to last longer than standard delineators
  • Single retaining pin for installation or replacement



Perfect For Repeated Impacts

The Dura-Post® delineator is best utilized in locations with high speed/high impact frequency and is ideal for assembly in construction zones, heavy traffic areas, bridges, and HOV/HOT lane demarcation.



  • 36” High (various heights available)
  • 3” Post Diameter
  • 2.11 lbs. (.95 kg)
  • 8” Base Diameter



Valtir Safe-Hit Delineators & Channelizers

Coral Sales Company offers a variety of Safe-Hit delineators and channelizers with portable bases, surface mount bases or soil anchors. Safe-Hit products are customizable and decals can be used instead of reflective sheeting if desired. We carry a variety of sizes, colors and reflective options to provide your projects with all the proper flexible delineators, channelizers, and tubular markers required. Please contact our Sales Department for product details.


  • Multiple base anchor options & portable bases
  • Long lasting ultraviolet (UV) resistant post
  • 360° visablility with round post design
  • heights available from 18" to 54" above grade
  • Standard and custom color options


Easy to install

Safe-Hit is light weight and comes in an easy to install two pieces, self-locking assembly



Customizable Post & Base Options

Your options are almost limitless. Multiple color and reflector configurations are available with posts in either a flat or round top design to fit various applications. Six base options are also available to customize Safe-Hit for your particular site.


Transpo Industries Screen-Safe™

Screen-Safe™ is designed to provide an effective headlight shield from approaching vehicles.  It is the most durable highway glare screen available today.  It can be installed in permanent locations on concrete barriers and on guardrail.  Screen-Safe™ is also ideal for curved roadways, access ramps raised highways, construction lanes and toll booth plazas.  For temporary work zone installations it can be quickly removed and reinstalled at a new location with minimal disruption to traffic flow.

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