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Sequential Flare

Pi-Lit Sequential Flares

The perfect road safety solution to ensure that drivers are not just warned, but guided around danger without blinding them.

Safety Made Simple

A confused or distracted driver is a recipe for disaster. Provide drivers with a runway like approach light that can be seen further in advance and distinguishable from the other vehicle light bars. There's a reason why a sequential landing zone beacon system ("rabbit") is used on the runway threshold.


  • Automatic Synchronization of flares

  • Rapid Deployment System (RDS) automatically turns flare on (gloves okay!)

  • Endoskeleton carrying case makes deployment safe, quick, and easy!


Built in the U.S.A.

Road equipment needs to be built to last. Our patented rectangular design maximizes battery volume while minimizing height. Tire impact is lessened. Manufactured and designed in our facility in California, the smart flare has an anticipated life span of 5+ years. With 2-year warranty and 24/7 support, the pi-lit® team has your back.

  • Generation-2 flare - 22,600 kg (50,000 lbs) of crush strength. Yup, you
    read that right!

  • IP66 Water and Dust Proof Rating

  • Built, Designed, and Supported in the U.S.A

  • 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty


The gift that keeps on giving... low initial after that!

Traditional fusees cost $2.50 and last 20 minutes. The Smart Sequential Road Flare cost less than $ 0.90 per deployment for the 1st year and is free thereafter. And this doesn't include the cost of a new pair of pants! Call it a win/win!

  • No fire danger; prevent avoidable and costly fire damage

  • Quick return on investment with enhanced safety

  • No toxic or harmful fumes

  • Unlike fusees flame flares, can be used in chemical or fuel spills

Features and Specifications

icon--checkmark Gravity controlled light output: Tilt sensor automatically directs light output to optimize driver awareness

icon--checkmark RDS™ (Rapid Deployment System): Automatically turns on flare when removed from the case (Winter gloves? No problem.)

icon--checkmark "Pair" mode system allows for single or multiple sets to be synchronized

icon--checkmark Preferred pattern, deployment order, and gravity activation mode settings are saved into memory for next deployment

icon--checkmark 6 hour recharge time from a completely depleted battery

icon--checkmark Battery status check with push of a button

icon--checkmark Charge all flares at once (using dual purpose carrying case)

icon--checkmark Powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (1500 fully depleted charge cycles)

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