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Fortel Traffic VCalm VMS Radar Speed Sign

Not all radar speed signs are created equal, and Fortel Traffic is leading the way in traffic calming sign solutions. The VCalm®VMS is a powerful traffic calming Variable Message Sign (VMS) with industry leading versatility for any driver feedback sign application. The VCalm® VMS has standard 16" high numeral display and two upper displays. Each Upper display line is 6" high and supports up to five characters each. This allows for a wide range of custom message readouts to calm traffic on any roadway. 


  • Brightest display using tightly clustered LEDs.
  • Lowest power consumption utilizing 50% less power with Fortel's PWMS™ technology.
  • Solar and A/C power options available.
  • Custom and versatile programming allows for a variety roadway applications.

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