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AGD 641 Stereo Optical Pedestrian Detector

AGD 641 Stereo Optical Pedestrian Detector

The AGD641 Pedestrian Detector has been designed for the detection and monitoring of pedestrians and cyclists waiting to cross the road to ensure the crossing phase is only called when they are present in the wait area. The ground-up development of the 641 is a 3D stereo-vision optical system capable of detecting moving and stationary targets over a 13ft. x 6.5ft. zone. The 641 maintains class leading shadow and unwanted object rejection.


  • 13ft. x 6.5ft. zone adjacent to the detector saving on infrastructure costs.
  • AGD 3D optical stereo vision technology provides greater performance even at low light levels.
  • WiFi AGD Touch-setup technology with 3 step browser setup speeds up installation and reduces installer risk.
  • Flexible polygon tool allows easy configuration of curved or irregular detection zones saving time on site.
  • In built Infra-red illuminator.


Typical Applications

The AGD641 Pedestrian Detector is an optical product that makes pedestrian crossings safer by delivering robust
detection within a standard crossing zones. Multiple units easily integrate to cover larger wait areas and has Infra-red illumination for nighttime operation.



Installation and Alignment

The AGD641 Pedestrian Detector has excellent performance when mounted between heights of 10-13 feet. The 641 stereo optical head should be adjusted to an angle of 45 degrees from the horizontal (+/- 15 degrees) to see a point 10ft. from the base of the pole when viewed from the detector. View the zone-area with the AGD Touch-setup App, including the area directly in front of the push button. Obstruction of the zone-area by signal head back plate, moving foliage or anything else must be avoided so that the detector has a clear field of view.



See the Installation Video


AGD Touch-setup App

The AGD Touch-Setup is a simple three stage process that allows installers to configure the device quickly and efficiently.

Step 1 - Name the Site


Step 2 - Set the Zone 


Step 3 - Calibration

Following successful calibration, you will view your selected zone actively 'detecting’ on the Home Page. The image you see on the screen will be the detect area with any area excluded areas grayed out. This image will update periodically. To monitor the zone and check the detector triggers, the front LED will turn on and off when someone enters and leaves the zone.


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