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Coral Sales Company is proud to partner with leading manufacturers to offer complete crosswalk solutions. Complete systems include RRFBs and Beacons by JSF Technologies plus a wide array of push button, sign and pole ooptions.

JSF Lumiwalk Crosswalk Lighting

Lumiwalk adds even more safety and security to JSF's activated beacon crosswalks. By aiming the specifically configured LEDs into the main crossing, the system increases the safety of pedestrians crossing the roadway in low light or nighttime conditions. LEDs can be activated when a pedestrian pushes the button to cross, illuminating the entire crosswalk for the duration of the flash time.


  • Self Contained Solar system
  • Easy Installation
  • Enhanced Public Safety
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Proven Reliability



Let us help you light the way

JSF Technologies has partnered with Urban Solar to bring Illumination solutions to thier robust product line of innovative traffic solutions. The Crosswalk compatible Illumination components allows Coral Sales Co to offer a comprehensive lighting solution for Crosswalks.


Lighting Maps For Your Crossing

Lighting conditions vary from area to area. We will assist you in determining the best LED distribution values and color temperature for your specific crossing. We work with JSF to help you map out and visualize the best lighting solution for your crosswalk.




JSF Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)

The JSF Technologies RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon) is the perfect solution to increase safety at mid-block or uncontrolled crosswalks. The unique top of pole mounted solar engine boasts a discrete design to enhance streetscapes and inhibit vandalism. JSF RRFB systems come pre-assembled and only require just a few connection to get up and running. The easy to use three dial controller save time and money on project installations. All JSF beacons conform to the FHWA and MUTCD requirements.


  • Single or dual sided light bars with side pedestrian verification
  • Solar, A/C or hybrid power options 
  • Wireless radio communication between beacons up to 1/2 mile
  • Easy programming
  • Self-contained solar engine
  • 5 year product warranty


Complete Crosswalk Solutions 

Coral Sales can provide you with a comprehensive crosswalk solution to suit your site or project requirements. We offer complete crossings that include the RRFBs, push buttons, signs, poles and bases! Contact us to build your next crossing.



Advanced LED Light Bar

The JSF AB-9400 Series RRFB light bar is designed with a slim profile for a modern, clean look and minimizes the installation footprint. Two front facing 3" x 7" LED clusters provide improved beam spread and safety. The side mounted pedestrian LED is mounted vertically for improved visibility.  




All-in-one Solar Engine

JSF pioneered the all-in-one solar engine and have perfected the design over the years. All system controls, wiring, and batteries are all housed neatly inside the top pole mounted solar engine. A 20w or 40w solar panel is integrated into to the lid, and the entire housing can be rotated to maximize solar exposure.




Customization is Easy

JSF's modular design allows for easy customization. Our team can create solutions for your unique application using almost any combination of beacons.




JSF Pedestrian Activated Flashing Beacons

Why JSF Technology Activated Beacons?

JSF’s solar-powered single or dual-head beacons is a proven solution for mid block crossings.  This system is designed for ease of installation in multiple mounting configurations.  They are available in 8’’ or 12’’ models. Purposely designed for extreme climate, JSF’s systems are rugged and reliable. JSF’s unique design minimizes the likelihood for theft by discretely and securely housing the solar panels, controller and batteries.  AC-powered mid block crosswalk systems are also available.


  • Choose from 8" or 12" beacon.
  • Single, Dual and Three head models available.
  • Multiple pushbutton options available.
  • Installs in minutes to minimize traffic disruption.
  • Self-contained, discrete design to enhance streetscapes and inhibit vandalism.


  • Crosswalks - Great for any mid-block or uncontrolled crosswalk
  • Fire Stations - Give your emergency vehicles a chance to enter the roadway by alerting drivers
  • Parking Lots - From shopping malls to private industrial sites, they’re all a hazard for pedestrians
  • Construction Sites - Aid pedestrians in crossing away from construction sites and closed sidewalks
  • College Campuses - Busy and packed with pedestrians



Advanced Accessible Pedestrian Stations

The Advanced Accessible Pedestrian System (AAPS) is the latest development in pedestrian smart signal technology that provides pedestrians with customized audible and haptic feedback. Each button has a locator tone to assist pedestrians in finding the button. When the pedestrian registers a call, audio and vibrotactile guidance is initiated and updated concurrently with the status of the walk signal visual display. The AAPS is the first of its kind to use web-based management, which enables traffic agency technicians to update and monitor the system remotely over network communication lines via traditional workstations, laptops or any device that is web browser compatible.


  • Ethernet Access
  • Remote Communication
  • Time of Day functionality
  • Night Mode Volume
  • Pedestrian Count/Call Data


Transpo Industries Color-Safe™ Methyl Methacrylate Resin System

Color-Safe™ is an acrylic based resin system used for area markings and anti-skid surfacing on either asphalt or concrete surfaces. Capable of full cure in a wide range of temperatures, Color-Safe™ is a cost effective and durable solution for color surfacing. Color-Safe™ is typically used for demarcation of bicycle and pedestrian paths, bus lanes, stops and other specially designated areas. It can also be used as a surface coat to enhance skid-resistance on hazardous turns and other high accident areas on asphalt and concrete roadways.


  • Excellent color retention and durability.
  • Skid-resistant surface.
  • Variety of colors and aggregate sizes available.
  • Easy application and fast cure time.
  • Low life cycle cost.
  • Strong adhesion to concrete and asphalt.


Any color for any application

Color Safe can be used in a variety of situation from pedestrian crosswalks, airports and more!


Application is easy!

See how easy Color-Safe is to apply. Watch the application video from our on-site Color-Safe Demo on August 3rd.



Color-Safe can even be used on concrete.



Color-Safe is great for a variety of solutions large or small.




Traffic & Transit Article 2017

Color-Sales MMA was highlighted the the October 2017 issue of Traffic & Transit magazine. Download the full article below.

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