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WTI J-5 Pedestrian Sensor

The J-5 Pedestrian Camera Sensor provides a unique solution to the often competing demands of safeguarding pedestrians on the one hand and improving traffic flow, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing pollution on the other. The J-5 is the all-in -one above ground camera detection system.


  • High accuracy detection of waiting pedestrians
  • Eliminates false alarms to increase traffic flow
  • Low power 24 VAC or VDC
  • Replaces or works in parallel with standard push buttons.
  • Superior low-light Performance
  • CE and RoHS compliant



Pedestrian Waiting Area Sensor

The J-5 is ideal for mid-block crossings where pedestrians may not actively push the push button. Using Stereovision 3D Technology, the J-5 sensor tracks objects coming into your predefined area and will determine if that object is moving to the defined crossing area. If a pedestrian moves toward the crossing it will activate the beacons automatically. The J-5 system will not activate if a pedestrian is just passing though the zone or decides not to cross. 3D stereovision cameras will only detect objects that are over 28 inches tall, so small animals or debris will not set off the system.


Pedestrian Crossing Sensor

Get a higher accuracy of detection when the J-5 is used as a pedestrian crossing sensor on most roadways. The J-5’s 3D Stereovision cameras can see over 75 feet! Use the J-5 alone or in conjunction with your existing push buttons to extend the crossing times for slower pedestrians. The J-5 sensor can help to balance the need for efficient traffic flow and increased pedestrian safety. Setup is easy and all the software to configure the system is included.



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