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Road Weather Information Systems

Coral Sales Company proudly represents both permanent and mobile Road Weather Information Systems. Highway information systems manufactured by Lufft and Vaisal

SurfaceScan SSBI-1

The SurfaceScan SSBI-1 is an easy to use and affordable vehicle mounted mobile weather sensor. SurfaceScan sensors monitor road surface temperature, air temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint, as well as displays live readings using a dash mounted graphical display. The SurfaceScan can be used to detect freezing temperatures on the pavement to determine where frost or black ice may form if precipitation occurs. The SSBI-1 will also work with all the most popular spreader control systems.


  • Measure Road Temp, Air Temp & Relative Humidity
  • No manual calibration required!
  • Updates every second for accurate readings
  • Full color graphical display with magnetic mount
  • OTA software updates for at no charge


No Calibration Required!

Unlike other road temperature system on the market, the SurfaceScan SSBI-1 is self-calibrating! After properly mounting to the vehicle the SurfaceScan interface automatically calibrates the sensor. The surface temperature is collected through non-contact IR Temperature sensor. This sensor is enclosed in a weatherproof IP63 class stainless steel housing, which is mounted in a Markroblend® EL703 Polycarbonate plastic housing.



Air Temperature / Relative Humidity Probe

Air Temperature and Relative Humidity is collected by a single sensor housed in a weatherproof plastic housing that utilizes a sintered metal air filter to protect the sensors. The road surface temperature probe is usually mounted to the front or rear bumper over the tire path. If available, it can also be mounted to the driver’s side external rear view mirror railing. 


Real Time Data

The SurfaceScan's easy to read graphic display comes ready to use out of the box. Every display is preloaded with the SurfaceScan application software and has already been paired via Bluetooth with the SSBI-1 interface module. No special configuration or calibration is required. Once the display has been powered up, the SurfaceScan app can be launched and data readings will begin. See data in real time as you travel down the roadway.

Note: The SurfaceScan app works on Android devices running 8.0 Oreo (SDK version 26) and can be download seperately if needed.



M.H. Corbin SolarMax Portable Highway Advisory Radio (HAR)

The SolarMax Portable Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) System keeps traffic flowing by broadcasting up-to-the-minute radio advisories to motorists. The flexibility of the SolarMax HAR allows for quick 10 minute or less set-ups. Solar charged power offers dependable service around the clock and during extended periods of inclement weather. This Portable HAR System utilizes low power AM radio to inform motorists of conditions ahead, giving them enough time to take action or alternate routes. The system can be used as a work zone HAR to assist in managing a construction site, a temporary incident, inclement weather evacuation, or a frequently congested traffic area. Messages can be changed quickly and remotely should conditions vary, and when the job is finished, the SolarMax System can be ready for duty on the next upcoming project.


  • Simple and quick to assemble, deploy and disassemble
  • Broadcasts messages to motorists in a 3 to 5 mile radius
  • Robust design, including built-in lightning suppression
  • Meets all FCC rules and regulations
  • Weather-resistant and theft deterrent enclosures
  • Portable ground system
  • On-board digital recorder preserves audio messages with no external power source

Modular Components

Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) systems from MH Corbin utilize AM, FM and CB radio frequencies to broadcast messages to motorists. Informing drivers before they encounter delays and add to traffic problems is important for maintaining a safe driving environment. Since AM radio is a standard feature in nearly all vehicles, using MH Corbin HAR is one of the most practical ways to get the message out to everyone.


Advanced Applications with Platinum Software

Message recording, editing, review, scheduling and synchronizing are quick and easy through the intuitive graphical user interface that features map displays for each HAR system in your network. Manage and store a library of messages for quick release to the public, including the capability to execute commands for your entire HAR network in just a few simple steps. 

Platinum can manage other transportation communication devices such as flashing beacons and variable messages signs (VMS). The software also has the ability to monitor set parameters and alert an administrator or user through email. The software system consists of a central server that manages and stores all information about the devices, and a client software that allows a user to manipulate and control the central server.


See how it works

 View the YouTube Tech Talk on the SolarMax with MH Corbin.



The Lufft Mobile Advanced Road Weather Information Sensor (MARWIS) is the most affordable weather sensor on the market. The MARWIS sensor is easily mounted to almost any vehicle and connects wirelessly to your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth. MARWIS collects weather data such as relative humidity above the road surface, dew point temperature, ice percentage, road friction and more! The measured data continually displays real time road information in the vehicle and can also be sent to your local Traffic Management Center (TMC). 


  • Wireless Bluetooth connection.
  • Real time data to your smart device or TMC.
  • Measure road surface condition, roadway grip friction and more.
  • The most cost effective mobile weather sensor on the market.
  • Mounts easily to almost any vehicle. 


Easy Data Communication

MARWIS offers various solutions for easy data handling. The analysis of data measured occurs either in the ViewMondo Software, or by means of the alternative solutions. The open interface protocol ensures effortless integration into existing measuring networks.

Via Bluetooth, MARWIS sends collected data directly to an iOS- or Android-based tablet or smartphone in vehicle car for real time evaluation. Using a data cloud, the measurement values can directly be delivered to the ViewMondo visualization software in the operations center. Consequently, authorized persons, such as operations managers, are able to digitally accompany and protocol patrol tours. Thus, routes can always be changed or cleared efficiently.


Evaluate Data in Seconds

MARWIS collects weather data as temperature, relative humidity, dew point and road conditions (dry, moist, wet, ice/snow, chemical wet). Moreover, it determines ice percentages and calculates the weather-related surface friction. It transfers the data measured continuously and in real time via Bluetooth to a tablet, smartphone or an alternative output device in the driver cab. By means of a data cloud, the MARWIS App is able to forward its measurement values to an operations center, where operations managers can track patrol tours – with the ViewMondo management software, for instance.



The MARWIS App is available for free and supports both iOS and Android platforms. Connect your MARWIS via Bluetooth™ to the Lufft MARWIS App you get the following functions:

  • Visualization of the readings
  • Configuration of the sensor
  • Automatic upload of the measurements to the ViewMondo-Server
  • Automatic MARWIS software update

Download the MARWIS App


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