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DMI & Traffic Data Collection

Are you are looking for the most advanced Bluetooth traffic sensor like the Bluemac x7? Do you need to complete complex traffic counts with our NC-350 or Armadillo Tracker? Do you have to calculate distances for sign post or guardrail with the NiteStar DMI? Then Coral Sales has you covered!

Bluemac x7 Bluetooth Traffic Sensor

The Bluemac x7 captures more reads and matches for rich Travel Time and Origin-Destination data using the latest technology with cutting edge computing. It employs state-of-the art privacy protection to customer-owned, white box open data, and implements strong security protecting device and data access to only authorized parties and systems. The seventh generation x7 is flexible offering multiple configuration and customization options to meet varied customer needs and harsh deployment environments yet delivers the best total cost of ownership.


  • Three base configurations – solar powered self-contained, external installation, or mounted in-cabinet
  • Ethernet is standard, with Wi-Fi an available backhaul option along with 4G LTE NB-IoT or Cat-M1 cellular
  • Mains (both AC and DC), battery, or PoE for power sources
  • Mix and match the different device configurations across one deployment
  • Cloud hosted with option for on-premise server extension
  • Choose which combination of logging is right for the situation, any combination of BLE, Bluetooth Classic, and Wi-Fi



You Own Your Data

By default, you own the data at all levels produced by the Bluemac system, with privacy protection strongly applied on the raw and matched data. For customers in situations where they cannot own the data or can only use processed output, we work out the needed terms directly with each customer.


Latest Technology

The x7 is loaded with the latest in IoT technology, ensuring a long viable lifespan as part of any ITS infrastructure:

  • 1 GHz ARM processor with 2000 MIPS of processing power
  • 512MB of DDR3L 800 MHz RAM
  • Highest spec Bluetooth Classic 4.2 transceiver
  • Highest spec Bluetooth Low Energy 5 transceiver
  • Best in class Wi-Fi supporting 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n
  • Available quad band 4G LTE NB-IoT / Cat-M1 Modem
  • Built-in Ethernet




More Matches, More Reads

With a “triple play” across Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth Classic, and Wi-Fi, the x7 delivers the matches needed to produce sufficient measures even in low volume traffic, to quantify multimodal journeys, and the device reads needed for effective dwell calculations.



Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

While Bluetooth Classic remains the gold standard for quantifying vehicle Travel Time, Speed, and Origin-Destination by logging in-car entertainment systems, adding BLE delivers greater than 4 times more matches to supplement Bluetooth Classic captures. Privacy infringing techniques, such as logging non-discoverable devices, are not needed. BLE reads the new class of smart devices as well as previously undiscoverable smartphones for additional vehicle captures while still respecting the privacy settings of citizens.



Designed with Multimodal Travel in mind

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) also provides a superior means to quantify pedestrian, bicyclist, and transit / multimodal travel, with a demonstrated capability to log more than 40% of bicyclists and pedestrians based on a study done by Bluemac. If additional reads are needed, Wi-Fi logging is also supported. Customers can take advantage of the additional device captures delivered by Wi-Fi, especially helpful for dwell time metrics, yet still apply Bluetooth technology for superior Origin-Destination calculations – you get the best of both in one. The system is designed to allow a mix-and-match of logging means. Customers can choose to log only BLE, Bluetooth Classic, or Wi-Fi, as well as any combination of the three.





M.H. Corbin NC-350 Portable Traffic Analyzer

Replacing the NC-200 and NC-300 counters is the latest in portable in-roadway traffic analyzers, the NC-350. The NC-350 has been reengineered to include Bluetooth™ technology while still providing the same accurate count, speed and vehicle classification. Utilizing Vehicle Magnetic Imaging (VMI) technology, the new NC-350 traffic analyzer combines accuracy and portability, monitoring traffic flow conditions right where you need them.


  • Now Communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth!
  • NC-350 can be installed and removed in minutes
  • Inconspicuous design blends in with road surface
  • Individual vehicle recording allows infinite binning capabilities
  • Durable extruded aluminum housing
  • Long life, rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery
  • Easy to use software for viewing data


The NC 350 Portable Traffic Analyzer is designed to survey traffic on roadways, bridges, parking garages, or construction areas. Because the analyzer can communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth, traffic data can be retrieved & downloaded without removing the analyzer from the road. The NC350 BlueStar Portable Traffic Analyzer with Bluetooth™ Technology from MH Corbin provides the accurate measurements of vehicle count, speed, and vehicle length. The NC350 BlueStar Portable Traffic Analyzer sensor is placed directly in the traffic lane to measure data, and can be installed and removed quickly and easily without damage to the road surface.


Connect Via Bluetooth™

Vehicle classification data and studies are now easily uploaded/download via Bluetooth™. Gone are the days of pulling the counter off the roadway in the middle of a study to see the data you have already collected. Easily upload new studies when moving your NC-350 to a different location. As Always data can be seen using the Highway Data Management (HDM) software for analysis.




HDM Software

MH Corbin’s Highway Data Management (HDM) software allows users to program, download, and query a variety of portable traffic classification units, including the NC90, NC97, NC100, NC200, and NC300 devices. Using HDM, traffic studies can be programmed, retrieved, combined, and re-binned per user preferences, and analyzed with a full range of supplied reports.

  • HDM has a simple and intuitive interface to allow users to quickly program and read portable traffic classification units. Settings are remembered so that multiple units can be programmed to the same study parameters.
  • Data can be collected in one or more catalog files, allowing users to easily archive and move data.
  • Studies can be trimmed, merged, or extracted into separate files or into existing studies.
  • Multiple reports and graphs are provided to show data in a variety of formats. Report data can be exported to a wide variety of formats include HTML, PDF and CSV files. Batch printing of reports is also supported.


M.H. Corbin Nitestar DMI

The Nitestar 50 & 60 are Distance Measuring Instruments (DMI) that accurately record distances and survey coordinates as you drive. Distances are used for logging points along a given route.  The Nitestar DMI’s are highly accurate.  They can be used in conjunction with a speed sensor device and are especially useful when used with an array of other data collecting and distance measuring tools. The Nitestar Distance Measuring Instrument is perfect for surveying and mapping data while also capable of understanding many distance distinctions.



  • Measurements are displayed in real-time
  • Displays distance intervals between points of interest
  • Extensive internal memory for data storage and export
  • Optional SDM software allows for easy organization for viewing and reporting collected data.
  • Inventory data and coordinates are stored in a single file
  • Customizable key definitions for user or application
  • Easy to install and use

Sensor Options

We understand that one sensor can't work for every application. That's why we offer four different solutions to fit your particular needs. Look and see what DMI sensor is right for you. Still not sure, contact us to find out more information on each sensor and get a comprehensive price quote.


Works with most vehicles that are equipped with

non-mechanical transmission sensors.

  • Uses GPS and OBDII auto-switching for

    extreme accuracy

  • 5HZ GPS, accurate to 0.2% of distance measurement


OBD-II Adapter

Connects to the vehicle OBDII port without the need

to hook up any additional wiring to the vehicle.

  • Can detect when the ignition is turned on or off

  • Can measure traveled distances to within +/- 1 ft.


SS10 Electronic Interface

Works with most vehicles that are equipped with

non-mechanical transmission sensors.

  • Amplifies pulses from the vehicle’s speed sensor

  • Supplies the most accurately computed traveled



Wheel Proximity Sensor

Installs on the vehicle’s wheels, brakes or over the

vehicle drivline knuckle.

  • Supplies accurately computed traveled


  • Easy to install


Armadillo Tracker

The Armadillo Tracker is the world's smallest, fully integrated radar traffic counter. It can collect multi-lane, bidirectional traffic data statistics with its 97% traffic count accuracy and best-in-class 0.4% speed accuracy. With its ultra-low battery consumption, the Tracker can run up to two weeks with its built in batteries. It can be used to collect traffic data for:

  • Traffic Studies before and after road construction projects
  • Traffic flows within a Shopping Mall, Event Space, Parking Structure and more
  • Track areas where vehicles are speeding to increase police presence
  • Annual Average Daily Traffic counts for City, County and DOT traffic studies

Start Collecting Vehicle Traffic Data in Minutes

With its small and compact size, and easy setup, the Armadillo Tracker is a non-intrusive traffic counter that also provides a safe installation since it does not require anything to be placed in the road, unlike traditional traffic tube counters. Watch the video below to see just how quickly the Armadillo Tracker can be collecting your Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT). 



Additional Features

  • Radar-based traffic statistics collection device with target tracking
  • Collects individual time stamped vehicle counts, speeds, and class (up to 3) per direction in up to 2+2 lanes
  • Computes real-time, per direction average speed for incident detection applications
  • 0.4% speed accuracy and up to 97% vehicle count accuracy
  • On-board memory stores 300,000+ individual vehicles
  • Add-on options for a 5W solar panel and GPS for geo-tagging multiple locations

Protect Your Investment

Houston Radar's rugged equipment case is the perfect addition to your new Armadillo Tracker.  This rugged and lightweight case fits your Armadillo and all its accessories with custom cut foam inserts. Keep everything organized and in its place to maximize your time in the field, all while protect your equipment. Call us today for pricing.

The Armadillo Rugged Equipment Case is...

  • Watertight, crushproof and dustproof
  • Easy-open double throw latches
  • Rugged & lightweight design
  • No-leak O-ring seal
  • Impact resistant
  • Automatic pressure equalization valve


SpeedLane Pro Dual Beam Radar

Houston Radar SpeedLane Pro™ is state of the art true dual beam, low power side-fire radar. It is designed to accurately detect lane, speed and class of individual vehicles and compute per lane volume, occupancy, gap, average speed, 85th percentile and headway parameters.


  • Simultaneously measures all vehicles in 16 user defined lanes with a maximum detection range of 255 feet.
  • Patent pending true dual beam “speed trap” technology inherently provides accurate measurements without the need for in situ calibration.
  • World’s lowest power usage highly integrated multi-lane traffic measurement radar. At 0.85 Watts SpeedLane requires 10X less power than competing products.
  • FCC and CE approved for full 250MHz operation to suite variety of application requirements.
  • Mounts on the side of the road for non-intrusive traffic data collection and works in all weather and lighting conditions.



HD Camera and More

  • Built-in 1.3MP HD video camera for sighting makes setup a snap and allows convenient remote monitoring of traffic.
  • All traffic measurements are on per vehicle, per-lane basis, available in real-time and stored in device memory.
  • Lane-by-lane vehicle counts, length based class, average and 85th percentile speeds, occupancy, headway and gap measurements.
  • Companion Windows application provides intuitive GUI to set all configuration parameters, display real time plots of targets and view snapshots & streaming HD video.
  • Built-in long range Class I 2.1+EDR Bluetooth, RS232/RS485 serial ports and Ethernet.
  • 512 Mbytes of on-board storage plus SD card expansion slot.
  • Comprehensive Houston Radar protocol, C and C# SDK.
  • Powerful SQL based query interface for historical data.



Optional Equipment

  • Built-in UPS with rechargeable battery keeps unit running for over 24hrs on loss of external power.
  • MPPT solar charger for optimal winter and cloudy day charging.
  • On-board 96Whr LiFePO4 battery for temporary or solar installations.
  • Wireless 3G GSM cellular for remote access.
  • POE (power over Ethernet).


See How to Configure Your SpeedLane Pro

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